Telugu Heroine Turned A Naxalite


Telugu-Heroine-Turned-A-NaxliteEverybody knowws that there are no Telugu heroines in Telugu.. even if there is a Telugu heroine, they will not be given chances.  Madhu Shalini is a Telugu girl..and she doesn’t have any hits to her credit.  She is managing in her career somehow with one or two offers in Telugu & Tamil.  Telugu filmmakers are ignoring her even though she can compete with Bollywood beauties with her glamour.. and she is struggling to get offers.

She is coming up with an action thriller ‘Raktam’ now.  Madhu Shalini is appearing as a Maoist in this film, which is to be directed by Rajesh Touchriver.  A brilliant girl in studies who achieved a gold medal, turns Maoist due to some unavoidable situations.  Madhu Shalini is saying that she has gone through so much preparation for this character. She studied Maoist ideology 8 hours a day.  By doing a thorough research, she is trying to appear as a Maoist.  She has transformed herself by losing excess weight.

‘Raktam’ is based on a French play titled Les Justes.  The story of the film is a Naxal drama which revolves around the confrontation between violence & non-violence.  Rajesh Touchriver has brought a National award to Telugu Film Industry with ‘Naa Bangaru Talli’.  Can he give a break to Telugu girl Madhu Shalini now ?