Telugu heroines hit back at Tammareddy Bharadwaja!


Thamma-Reddy-Bharadwaj(1)A couple of days back, senior producer and director Tammareddy Bharadwaja has lambasted native Telugu girls by quipping that most of them are party-animals and never interested in doing any social service. Without taking names, he rebuked that Telugu heroines lack that professionalism Mumbai girls do have. Though he shot arrows in the dark, couple of local Hyderabad beauties have took them seriously.

“On the day of Memu Saitham, I got a call from Manchu Vishnu to come and join him in Kabaddi match. I’ve simply joined it. Then I went to cricket too. and from there, I came to main venue for Antyakshari too. But it is just that day morning I’ve returned from Vizag where I’m shooting for Gopala Gopala with Venky and Shriya”, said Madhu Shalini, expressing dissent against words that Telugu beauties lack ‘professionalism’. Hyderabad based Poonam Kaur stated that she is feeling unwell but still she took to rehearsals and performed at the event. Same is the case with another Telugu beauty Ritu Varma who missed a family function to attend Memu Saitham.

Coming to another heroine, Ee Rojullo fame Reshma Rathod, she says, “I’m shooting in Chennai and none called me to take part in the event. If I got a call, I would have participated”. With all these beauties hitting back at Tammareddy in razor-sharp words, we wonder if our veteran filmmaker reveals any names.