Telugu Hotties, Better Luck In Chennai


First preference is Tollywood for any Telugu girl who wants to test her luck in acting and becoming a silver screen starlet. Lack of offers is however pushing them to pursue their dreams at distant horizons. A bunch of talented Telugu girls are now running after adjoining Sambar land to get their ambitions fulfilled.Telugu-Hotties

Talented and beautiful sirens like Swathi and Bindu Madhavi tried their luck in Tollywood, though there are couple of hits to their name, big stars are never in awe of them. These two went to Tamil industry and made their mark. While Swathi was able to come back again and prove her mettle, Bindu never got the chance. Sri Divya made a name for her cute looks, but sooner she shifted base to Chennai. Same is the case with Ee Rojullo fame Haasika alias Anandi and the film’s main heroine Reshmi. Adorable beauty Madhavi Latha is also testing waters there. Latest Telugu native to join the swimming gang is Shravya, who has impressed with her hot looks in Love You Bangaram movie.

Quite ironical this is, as Tollywood get its imports from Mumbai and Chennai, while Tamil and Mallu tinsel towns giving chance for Telugu beauties. Maybe we have to say that this is an exchange of talents and glamour as locals never astonish the local makers. Hopefully Mallu tinsel town is good in that sense as most happening star Mallu heroines are their natives.