Telugu Producers Just Started, They Are Actually Fighting!


Everybody understood the sincerity Telugu producers shown in their strike recently with Narayana Murthy’s comments. Narayana Murthy criticised the producers that they have started the strike on a strong note but they compromised on their demands within four days.

He said that digital service providers didn’t accept producers demands but they have decreased the rates which they were agreed earlier. One thing we have to discuss here is.. Tamil producers supported Telugu producers’ strike and they started participating in the strike in Tamil Nadu. But our Tollywood producers gave a shock to them by calling off their strike.

But Tamil producers didn’t back out. They are continuing the strike in the second week as well. They are in preparations to take the strike to the next level. They are going to stop movie shootings from March 16. Tamil Producers Council president Vishal announced that they are going to stop shootings for realising their demands related to digital service providers and other issues related to film industry.

Telugu producers started the strike by making grand announcements but they have called off the strike without achieving much. On the other hand, Tamil producers started the strike by taking inspiration from us but they are continuing the strike and sincerely fighting for their demands.