Telugu Stars.. Please Listen To Aamir


Bollywood hero Aamir Khan is also called as Mister Perfect. He will not accept a story unless he likes the script. More than hits blockbusters are more in his track record. If Aamir Khan accepts to do the movie then the producers will stand in a line to offer whatever amount he demands. So, fans will have the curiosity of how much advance he takes and how what is his remuneration.

Aamir himself gave the clarity about this. He stated that he stopped taking advances before doing the movie a long time ago and he will take the remuneration only based on the collections of the film at the box office. So, if the collections are more, then Aamir will get profit, if the film gets flop then his remuneration will be less. There are so many star heroes in Tollywood who still take advances from the remuneration before starting the movie and only enter into the sets after taking the advance.

Even though the movie became a flop it won’t bother the Hero. But ultimately the only person who gets impacted is the producer. While doing movies with star heroes the heroes remuneration will be more than all the others pay. If all the star heroes follows Aamir Khan, then the producers will also be happy and the responsibility of the heroes will get increased. Also, if a movie becomes a super hit, it will be a double benefit for the heroes. But will our Telugu stars ever follow Mister Perfect? Let’s see..