Telugu Youtube videos have become a huge nuisance!


YoutubeTelugu Youtubers and their videos have been getting too click-bait friendly. They are misleading the viewers with few customised thumbnails and double innuendos. Many of us are clicking on them thinking may be this is a scandalous video but the matter will be very silly. They try to narrate some beautiful stories but those end up being some stories that a writer has written but nothing true.

Still, they are scamming people like this everyday. They use some devious headlines to the videos and in the comment section they get many abuses from the people who watched their videos and they keep posting them again and again. As they are getting lacks of views, the amount they earn from such videos will be good too.

But as this fake news channels and items have become so many and too much, many people are complaining to the Youtube. The persons who are making these videos are making funny arguments, like, will you see the video if we won’t give it a click-bait title and trying to support themselves no matter what. Youtube has been silent all this time but as the complaints have increased against these videos, they’ve decided to remove customised thumbnails as per the reports. Well, if they take such a decision and implement, at least that will save us from these fakers, hopefully!