Tempting beauty shares her travel secrets


Amyra Dastur after teasing all with her beauty in Bollywood and Kollywood is now set for Tollywood strikes. After featuring in Manasuku Nachchindi and stunning all in bikini, she is now starring in Raju Gadu.

Speaking to scribes, this tempting beauty revealed her travel secrets. She said “I don’t travel for the sake of travelling. I indulge in adventure sports and this helps me shed my inhibitions and discover myself in the process. Also, I get to meet different people from various cultures. That helps me to be balanced and open in my approach without any predispositions,”

She added “It’s a coincidence! It wasn’t a conscious attempt, but I typically look at my role and the script in totality before I take up a project.”

She revealed “Language is not a barrier for me; I want to make a mark in all the South Indian languages. The reason I took up a project in Tamil is because I find the scripts fascinating,” and added “With each project I am picking up new things — both language-and acting-wise. And the scripts I’ve been reading in the South have been very gripping. They give me a chance to be seen differently every time.”