Thalaivaa 3 Days Collections


Thalaivaa-3-Days-CollectionsThalaivaa 3 Days Collections

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Director Vijay knows what works for the audience – he has done emotional dramas to romance to action with equal ease and actor Vijay knows what his fans want. The combination is sure to hit the right chord. Call the Nayagan charm or as you might like, Tamil films have a secret love affair for Bombay. Thalaivaa is partly set in Mumbai. The film is set partly in Mumbai and the rest of the film is shot in international locations including Australia. The backdrops promise something unique.

Thalaivaa  1st Day Collections: 12. 5 Crores

Thalaivaa  2nd  Day Collection:13.2 Crores

Thalaivaa  3rd  Day Collection:12.8 Crores


Thalaivaa  Total Collection: 38.5 Crores