Thaman Exhibits Fanism On Chiranjeevi


Thaman-joins-BalakrishnaIt’s a full meal treat for mega fans waited ages for Megastar Chiranjeevi’s comeback to films. Although it was a cameo in son Ram Charan’s film Bruce Lee, Chiranjeevi steal the show with ultimate screen presence. It was goose-bumps moment for fans watching megastar performing stunts. And double delight for them is when Chiru and Ram Charan ride horse and son reveals the reality that megastar’s speed is beyond anybody’s reach.

While director Sreenu Vaitla, writers’ duo Kona Venkat, Gopi Mohan and cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa put their best efforts to showcase Chiranjeevi in a way how fans wanted to see him in, foremost credit should be given to music director SS Thaman for providing electrifying background score when the magic was happening on the screen in Chiru’s presence.

Usually, perfect background score helps in elevating a scene. But, Thaman who missed to compose a song for Chiranjeevi has fully utilized the opportunity to render BGM for the megastar episodes. Apparently, Thaman has exhibited his fanism and the output is exceptional.

While Thaman gets distinction marks for songs and re-recording for rest of the scenes, his work for Chiru’s scenes was hair-raising moment for fans. Great work Thaman, keep going!