Thammareddy Bharadwaj Responds on Suchileaks


#SuchiLeaks continues to create tremors in the Southern Film Industry since 10 Days. Are these leaks true or a creation of someone? Where is the end for it? Who Knows!

Tammareddy Bharadwaj: ‘#SuchiLeaks has been creating sensational. Already, General Public have a certain opinion about Film Celebs. These Leaks only gave strength to their assumptions. People are eagerly waiting for the new leaks and watching them repeatedly. It’s more like cashing on their weakness’.

‘How many of these leaks were true? If they are true, Who is behind them? Why no action has been taken against those people who try to make Celebs unpopular? If they are false stories, Why no action is being taken against who were spreading baseless reports? Why does Cops wait until someone lodged a complaint? It’s a very serious issue! If we start encouraging such leaks, There will be no end to the campaign and nobody knows how many of them are actual facts. Government Institutions should take immediate action against #SuchiLeaks’.