That Complete Shelf In Nani’s House


What makes anyone most happy? Definitely, for most of the human being, their offsprings create that infinite happiness. And that’s what is happening in the lives of many star heroes right now in Tollywood.

Pawan Kalyan returned two days back from a family holiday in Australia, while Mahesh is right now holidaying with his kids in Paris and Jr NTR is spending his evenings after the shoot with son Abhay. Same is the case with Allu Arjun as he’s planning to go on a family holiday soon with wife and kids. Same is the case with Nani too.

This time Nani’s wife took to her social media to share a nice picture of their son, who is showcasing his playful side as he hides in a showcase. And Nani’s wife Anju says, “Our shelf is now complete”. The shelf is actually proudly displaying the trophies won by Nani including that of the black lady (Filmfare). The picture is speaking thousands of words for sure, more than what we could write here.

Recently during his son’s first birthday anniversary, Nani revealed that his son’s nickname is “Junnu” and his wife today confirmed the same again.