That First Scene Choked Hearts Of Audiences


True to the showers of appreciations coming from all quarters, “Mahanati” is a masterpiece for its brilliant portrayal of the life and times of legendary actress Savitri. And if anyone is yet to watch the film, stop here, watch the film and then read this article as there is a spoiler ahead.

For every film, there will be this opening scene which is called an inciting incident and that will speak volumes about the movie. Here in “Mahanati”, that particular opening scene actually chokes your heart. That’s a true scene actually when Savitri has for the first time lost her consciousness in sleep while attending a film shoot in Mysore and slipped into coma.

Especially when Savitri is carried to Mysore government hospital, the staff will ask the ambulance guys to keep her in the walkways as the beds are not available. And one director reacts strongly, as she shouts at ward boys, “Do you know who she is?”. It’s true that many Kannadigas might not have to know Savitri in the 80s as by that time the likes of Sridevi became masala stars and she’s doing only character roles. But in an hour’s span, thousands of Telugu crowds gathered back then around the hospital and that explained the image Savitri has. Truly the scene is choking and it brought hearts of many Telugu film lovers to a pause for a second.

A starlet who just sprinkles silver screen with her greatness has just got neglected in a hospital. One wonders, why God has done such gross injustice to her?