That’s why Raja served notices to Balu ?


SP-Balasubramanyam-IlayarajEver since the news broke out that Ilayaraaja served legal notices to SP Balasubramanyam, music lovers in the entire South India got a huge shock.  It is known that Ilayaraaja served notices to Balu that his tunes can not be used unless taken permission from him.  Discussions are going on in the social media that why Ilayaraaja served notices to his close friend ?  Is there any strong reason behind it ?

According to the buzz from the Kollywood,  Ilayaraaja said to be in financial troubles.. that’s the reason why he is serving notices for royalty.  People will be really surprised with this logic because Ilayaraaja composed music for more than 1000 films.. and he was the number one music director in South for several decades. Then how Ilayaraaja can be in financial troubles ?

Ilayaraaja said to have invested his money into films.. and in some businesses and incurred huge losses.  On the other hand, he did music albums.. and stayed idle for some time when he was at the peak of his career.  He said to have lost offers due to his ego clashes with legendary directors like Balachander and Mani Ratnam.  That’ the reason why Roja producer Balachander opted for AR Rahman instead of Ialayaraja for ‘Roja’.  Even Mani Ratnam never gone back to him after teaming up with AR Rahman.

Ever since Rahman generation started, Ilayaraja demand reduced considerably.  Ilayaraaja said to have suffered financially as the the offers decreased for him.  He is said to be accepting the the films for the sake of money in the recent past.  Going by the whole episode, some are opining that even though what Ilayaraaja claiming appears to be correct.. it is not possible in India. Moreover he should not have served the notices to a his friend in such a manner.