That’s The Specialty Of Rakul


Fitness plays a crucial role in the life of a celebrity. If anyone wishes to have a long career in glamour field, they should maintain good fitness. The situation of star heroines will be even more difficult. So, most of them try to find our some relaxation in their busy lives.

Usually, heroines will choose their lovers as gym partners. They spend hours together in exercise with their colleagues or alleged lovers. But Tollywood beauty Rakul Preet Singh is completely different from them. Her specialty is that she works out in the gym with her brother Aman. She has recently posted a workout video where her brother was training her. There is an interesting aspect of working out in the gym and posting the video of his brother.

Rakul Preet is into fitness business and she runs a few franchises of a reputed fitness brand. Her brother looks after these businesses. Moreover, Rakul is seriously trying to introduce her brother into films. So, Rakul is promoting her brother as well as her businesses with these videes. One shot two birds!