The 4 Dollars That Changed Nani’s Fate


bhale-bhale-magadivoy-posteFor a failure, there will be 100 reasons. Even for success, there will be numerous reasons as well. Especially if we look at how “Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi” raced past into 1 Million Dollar club, there comes this 4 dollars talk. Yes, its that $4 that made the whole difference and that explains what needs to be done in the future.

After amassing $ 1.6 millions, Nani and Maruthi’s comedy caper has overtaken Eega and Temper, which we revealed already. In the coming days it may cross Baadshah too. There is an interesting explanation regarding this by Overseas observers. Actually, even if the film is good, if ticket prices are too high, then audiences will not like to afford. If the film is good and ticket rate is low, then they prefer to rush to theatres.

Generally big movies tickets are sold at $20 for premieres and $16 for regular shows. But for “Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi”, they are sold at $16 and $12, thereby cutting out 4 dollars. This discount helped many to catch the film in theatres. Also some theatres offered some more discount if anyone buys 5 tickets and more. This $4 discount is what catapulted Nani into big league and those special offers helped him get much more.

Probably if tickets of big movies of super stars are priced at such discounted rates, probably every film will get that 1 Million Dollar achievement.