The Change Namrata Brought In Mahesh Babu


mahesh-and-namrataBy now everyone knows it to a point that Superstar Mahesh’s racing career has another key ingredient to it, and that’s none other than his wife Namrata Sirodkar. From kids to movies, his brand endorsements to fitness, she has a say in many things, and Mahesh explains what it is about.

There is no question of anybody’s involvement in the script, including dad Krishna and wife Namrata, Mahesh has confirmed that long back. Other than that, Namrata takes care of everything including Mahesh’s finances. “She brought a sense of calm into my life, which by far is the biggest change. First of all she takes care of family and makes sure that our kids don’t grown in a direction where they are strong-headed due to my stardom. She keeps them grounded all the time”, says Mahesh. What about her involvement in professional life? “Namrata takes care of all the affairs including finances to managing the dates. All these allow me to ably focus on acting”.

As everyone started asking Mahesh why he’s not seen outside at parties and events and pose with wife, Mahesh pointed out that their new-house is the reason. “When we stayed at an apartment, we used to hop around a lot. Now that we’re living in our spacious home, we never love to go out”. Anyway it’s known that Mahesh makes foreign trips with family between film to film to beat the stress.