The End Of Mega Jibes On Balayya!


Naga Babu responded on the sixth & last objectionable comment made by Nandamuri Balakrishna. Way back in January 2012, Balayya made a damaging statement – ‘Chiranjeevi…NTR Kali Gotiki Kuda Saripodu’. ‘Even before I could react, Chiranjeevi garu downplayed the comment saying Balayya is childlike. That is why we controlled our aggression and anguish. Nobody will object if Balayya praises his Father but degrading Chiranjeevi by drawing comparisons is highly condemnable. What if I say ‘Chiranjeevi Kali Gotiki Kuda Balakrishna Sariporu’? How does your fans, partymen and family members feel if I make such a comment? Can’t we offer a befitting reply? Not that we are incapable, but our upbringing wasn’t like that. At least from now, Keep your tongue in control. We don’t object criticism but such loose talks won’t be tolerated. We neither have enmity or clashes with You. I would certainly respond if you make personal remarks on My Brothers’.

Mega Brother appealed Fans not to make it a big issue. He also clarified, ‘I don’t have Twitter account. Don’t believe any such posts shared using my name on this platform. I am only on Facebook’.

Naga Babu made it clear he doesn’t have any political aspirations and there is no political angle behind his jibes at Balakrishna. To the question why he waited for long to respond, Naga Babu explained: ‘Thief might escape after stealing something in the house. Will we spare him if he gets caught after an year’. Did Balayya gone into hiding after insulting Mega Brothers? What kind of logic is it?

Finally, The long-lasting outburst of Mega Brother has come to end. He assured there won’t be any video messages targeting Balakrishna. Nagababu might be much more relaxed now to have a sound sleep. Will Nandamuri Fans let him do so?

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