The Thief Of Baghdad May Beat Baahubali!


Ram-Charan-Beat-BaahubaliEver since the idea of Megastar Chiranjeevi doing a special cameo in Ram Charan’s forthcoming flick under Sreenu Vytla’s direction is doing rounds, the debate is all about hitting out at the records created by “Baahubali”. Though these two films are of different genre, size and strength, people are now looking the possibilities of the matinee idol’s re-entry impacting the records table.

Let’s define this first. 400 crores Gross at box office is definitely impossible for Megastar Chiranjeevi even, unless he comes up with another Baahubali kind of movie. Probably Chiru should get his stalled movie “The Thief Of Baghdad” back into sets again, a movie set in medieval Persian backdrop. That will probably give scope to hit people with better visuals and action sequences like a Baahuabli. On saying that, it applies to all other heroes in the grid including Pawan, Mahesh, Jr NTR or whoever, until unless they come up with another historical film made with huge passion.

Coming to Charan’s film under Sreenu Vytla’s direction, this is a regular commercial entertainer which may score 60+ crores collections in the full run in case if it becomes a blockbuster.  Even if Chiranjeevi comes up with a fantastic cameo in the film, mega fans might flock to theatres in huge numbers but not every single film lover in India, we have to say. That way the film might rake in more numbers like say 75-85 crores, but not entirely beating “Baahubali”.

It’s not Chiranjeevi’s craze has come down or anything, but still, Baahubali is a kind of movie that collects 400 crores whomsoever maybe its hero and that’s how Rajamouli carved it. Three years of hard work can’t be matched by 3 months of pre-production, shooting in exotic locales, crazy dance steps. Above all, If Chiru shines in a movie like Baahubali, then he will have all reasons to beat those records.