The True Story Of Sai Sirisha


actress-sai-sirishaThe last two days a topic was abuzz in filmnagar and this was about actress Sai Sirisha and her allegation that her step father was trying to abuse her sexually. While she has made this statement public in front of media and police, here is the truth. Buzz is that there is no truth in this allegation and in fact, Sirisha has a boyfriend.

It is heard that the matter reached the elders and they reprimanded her. Taking the name of shooting, Sirisha was reportedly absent from home for months together and recently she went to stay with her lover at Vanasthalipuram. Buzz is that this prompted her mother to file a police complaint and the rest happened.

On the other hand, it is heard that the media channels who are always scouting for gossip found Sirisha to be the right scapegoat and made a major festival out of it. Sources say she was made to sit inside the editor’s room for hours together by a media channel so that other channels don’t get. Similarly a famous TV channel reportedly made Sirisha’s brother sit for hours together.

Ultimately, in incidents like this, it is the actresses who lose their impression and image and bring their honor and shame on roads.