The Truth Behind Sobhan Babu And Jayalalitha Affair


Sobhan Babu was one of the all-time favourite actors of the Telugu audience. His lady following was unmatchable as he acted in family dramas and triangular love stories. There were some rumours regarding his personal life and the prominent one among them is his affair with actress and Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa.

The rumour is so popular that many people in the South believe it to be true. Believing something has nothing to do with the fact. So, what is the fact? Popular Telugu lyricst Aarudra wife Rama Lakshmi recently gave an interview and she has spoken about it.

When she was asked about the Sobhan Babu- Jayalalithaa rumour, she answered “Sobhan Babu never had an affair with Jayalalithaa. They are good human beings. People linked him to Jayalalithaa as his wife was not an attractive lady. Sobhan Babu never wanted to cheat his wife or else Jaya would have easily fallen for him.” Ram Laskhmi went on to say that Sobhan Babu was a gentleman and he never had any affair with anyone