Theaters to be closed tomorrow!


telugu-cinema-flagThe ghost of Telangana issue is back once again haunting Telugu film industry. Opposing the bifurcation, APNGOs have called for a 24 hours bandh of all film theaters in the state for all the 4 shows. The bandh will hit the Seema Andhra region while Telangana region will have no effect. Theater owners are expecting to screen at least the evening shows if Bandh effect subside by then.

On the other side, producers are fearing the aftermath of Telangana Bill tabling in Parliament. Whatever, may be the outcome of the bill, either of the regions will erupt and come on roads. The Bill is expected to be tabled on Tuesday/Wednesday. As a result, Bhimavaram Bullodu producer is not committing on the release date (planned for Feb 14th – Valentines day release).