These Actors Became Teachers For A Change!


We see actors and famous public figures and celebrities, volunteering for social causes by joining NGO’s and charity organisations or establishing one by themselves.

Now, few Telugu Film actors became Teachers to teach English at public schools run by Government.

We all know that teaching field is lacking in quality as many don’t show much interest in taking up the job due to pay limitations and lack of required skills.

But it is important for every student to learn all the subjects and majorly, English as it is important for communication as a Global Language.

So, Teach For Change NGO, started adopting Government schools and rope in volunteers to teach at these schools.

Rakul Preet Singh, Regina Cassandra, Allu Sirish and Praneetha took English classes during the weekend at different Government schools in Hyderabad.

Regina expressed satisfaction on taking classes for kids, two days every month. Rakul Preet said that teaching is a very respectful and she is happy to be known for at least few youngsters teacher as they will remember her like how she remembers her teachers from young age.