They Failed To Recognize Vijay Deverakonda


Vijay Deverakonda sure became a star in Tollywood. With back to back block buster movies, he became number one among the other medium range heroes. He pulled some sensational feats at the box office which only the star heroes have touched till now.

But, have you ever thought that people won’t recognize Vijay outside? Well, there is no way for it take place in Telugu states but it happened in Chennai. The Chennai police failed to recognize Vijay Deverakonda out in the open. During ‘NOTA’ promotions, Vijay was giving a lively interview in Chennai. The host was taking the interview in an auto doing rounds in the city. They took a break at a tea point where the police appeared to clear out the place. Even after seeing Vijay, they did what they have to and sent them without finishing the whole program. In fact, they completed the interview in the auto itself. But, speaking of that Vijay said that Hyderabad cops are kind of chill and won’t bother you until you are doing something suspicious.

Also, people in Telugu states can recognise him instantly. But Tamil people still need some to people recognize him there. However, with ‘NOTA’ Vijay can be recognized by Tamil people as well.

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