Third Generation of Superstar!


Superstar Krishna, debuted in films in 1964 and went onto become a Superstar by mid-70’s. In 80’s many fans asked him to launch his sons into acting and the actor decided to adhere to those demands.

According to those demands, first one to become a hero, is Ramesh Babu, his elder son. Along with him, Mahesh Babu also got a launch as a child actor and both of them continued in movies till, late 80’s.

While Mahesh Babu decided to go for further studies, Ramesh Babu, due to lack to proper hits, retired from acting.

Krishna through 90’s continued to act in many films for his fans. When Mahesh Babu, relaunched as the lead actor in 2000, Krishna started slowing down, the number of films he acted per year.

Now, Mahesh Babu has become a huge Superstar in Telugu Cinema continuing the legacy of Krishna.

Trying to take it forward, Ramesh Babu’s son, JayaKrishna is said to be looking to debut in films as a lead actor in two to three years.

He has the height and looks of his uncle and grand father. Right now, he is taking training in Vizag, Satyanand’s acting school.

Along with looks, will the young actor have the luck and talent of his uncle and Grand father? We have to wait and see.