This Actress Charges 10K Per Hour


There is one actress who always loves to do more TV than cinema. And her appearances often created unwanted disturbances in the minds of people in the recent times. But why is she mad about TV?

Actually, there is an insider info about this happening as to why she’s picking TV more than the silver screen. In fact, TV is paying her around ten thousand bucks per hour while film industry is not so generous. Just by sitting on TV for an hour, she gets an awesome sum slipped into her bank account, while films are offering her only couple of lakhs or so for almost 20 days of dates.

Though the income that will come through films is pretty high, one needs to constantly pump the iron to stay fit and travel to various places to take part in shootings. Also, acting needs a lot of efforts as they have to understand the script and act as per director’s wishes. Here on TV, there is no such limit. She can blabber whatever you want.

While gorgeous girls always love the silver screen, motor mouths find fascination in small screen.