This Actress Even Learnt To Smoke Tobacco


Nabha Natesh made an impression with her performance in the movie, Nannu Dochukunduvate. The movie did not become a huge hit but it give Nabha a good platform to showcase her talent.

The actress shared her special moments in the films and also in her acting career in general. She started off as a theatre actor and got a big chance besides Shivaraj Kumar in Vajrakaya. The movie became a hit but she did not accept all the movies that came her way.

She agreed to join Adhugo in Telugu as she liked the story following a cute piglet. She is excited about that movie and thankful to Nannu Dochukunduvate makers for giving her a good role.

For a movie, she had to learn smoking tobacco and she never did it in her life. She did not smoke after that but for films she is happy to learn anything and give it het best.

She shared she couldn’t eat for as many days as she had to do that role and smoke. She is waiting for good opportunities from Telugu and Kannada.

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