This Heroine’s Father Took Loan From His Daughter!


Well, the title might have surprised you people or for some who know stories of several actresses, this might have felt another sad story of an actress scammed by her family. This isn’t!

Satrughan Sinha, legendary Bollywood actor and a politician from Bihar, filed his tax returns before the nomination and released them to public with all the assets details for people to take note off.

This is a common practice for any MLA or MP candidate to release their financial assets details before filing the nomination as they declare them with their nomination.

Satrughan Sinha fought and won elections as MP from BJP ticket but previously but he decided to part ways with them. He is contesting from Patna Sahib constituency this time.

He declared that he owes his daughter, Sonakshi Sinha, 10.93 crores. He has total assets valued to 112.22 crores but him taking such big loan from his daughter is really shocking.

He might have declared that money as loan to may escape any income tax or may be spent it for election campaigning, we don’t know.

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