Thumbs Up For ‘Kanche’ Caste Dialogue


Kanche Movie ReviewFinally “Kanche” has released today and has generated a mixed feelings. However, one dialogue is quite hard hitting and it touched the hearts of the masses. As it happens to be a social and society based dialogue, probably everyone got connected.

The comparison between various castes in a single dialogue written by Sai Madhav Burra happens to be one scene that gives goose bumps to audiences. “Kamatanni nammukunnodu Kamma.. Kapukasevadu Kapu.. Neta Nese Vaadu Saali.. Kulam Antey Pani. Kulam Antey Raktam Kaadu..“, the dialogue goes. Krish has conceived the scene well and Varun Tej utters the dialogue brilliantly.

“Kanche” happens to be a 1936 setup where the story takes place. Actually this dialogue spoke volumes about the evil called caste-system. Unfortunately still in 2015, castes are dominating, dividing and ruling. Honour killing and in-discrimination still exists.