All Time First Day and 1st Week Collection Records in TFI


Khaidi-No_150-BaahubaliOnly Two Films hold All Time Records for First Day & First Week in Telugu Film Industry. Any guesses? While one of them is the mighty ‘Baahubali: The Beginning’, The other one is Mega Treat ‘Khaidi No.150’. Go through the records set by these two biggies…

Tollywood’s All Time First Day Records – Area Wise:

Nizam: Rs 6.3 crore (Baahubali: The Beginning

Ceded: Rs 5.08 crore (Baahubali: The Beginning)

Andhra: Rs 14.47 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Uttar Andhra: Rs 2.59 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Guntur: Rs 2.79 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Krishna: Rs 1.59 crore (Khaidi No.150)

East: Rs 3.5 crore (Khaidi No.150)

West: Rs 3 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Nellore: Rs 1 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Total AP & Nizam: Rs 18.47 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Karnataka: Rs 4.30 crore (Khaidi No.150)

USA Premiere: $1,395,309 (Baahubali: The Beginnings)

Worldwide: Rs 47 crore (Baahubali: The Beginnings)

Tollywood’s All Time First Week Records – Area Wise:

Nizam: Rs 22.6 crore (Baahubali: The Beginnings)

Ceded: Rs 12.1 crore (Baahubali: The Beginnings)

Andhra: Rs 31.38 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Uttar Andhra: Rs 8.16 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Guntur: Rs 5.51 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Krishna: Rs 4.13 crore (Khaidi No.150)

East: Rs 6.29 crore (Khaidi No.150)

West: Rs 4.87 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Nellore: Rs 2.42 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Total AP: Rs 42.2 crore (Khaidi No.150)

Total AP & Nizam: Rs 61.35 crore (Baahubali: The Beginning)

Karnataka: Rs 20.1 crore (Baahubali: The Beginning)

USA: Rs 21 crore (Baahubali: The Beginning)

Total Worldwide: Rs 152 crore [Telugu alone Rs 107 crore] (Baahubali: The Beginning)