Tollywood Should Become Two: RGV


RGVEverybody knows that director Ram Gopal Varma is the care of address for sensations.  He is very much fond of controversies.  Whenever there is a scope for some controversy he will not leave a chance to show his presence by giving his typical gyan.   The whole world views a certain issue in a certain way..but Varma views it from the top angle..bottom angle.. all the possible angles and that makes him special.

It is known that Varma has specially focused on ‘Arjun Reddy’ liplock and openly supported it recently.  Varma’s response to the whole episode brought good hype to the film.  Coming to the present, he has made some suggestions to the Telangana government through social media.   He opined that a film industry will be formed in Telangana with ‘Arjun Reddy’ because young directors in Telangana are making films in an innovative way and they are entertaining everybody.

He felt that no one other than new directors from Telangana can make a film which reflects the present conditions here.  He said that no director in Tollywood can make a film in Karimnagar style.  He suggested KCR and KTR to look at the possibilities of Telanaga Film Industry.. and it will bring a special identity to Telanaga.  Telugu film industry should be divided then only they will get an identity.  Whatever Varma wanted to say he said without inhibitions.  It is for the people to decide now.