Tollywood is even using Google


Tollywood-is-even-using-GoogleIf a new concept came to light, everyone would start using it. Some set the trend, and some just follow it. The current trend going on in the movie industry is using Google for the movies.

The Tollywood audience has already noted YouTube as a benchmark till now. Now the makers are even using google ads for promoting the movies. The google ads only promote commercial products, but now, they started promoting the upcoming films. As the Google ads will appear on almost every web page, the movie can make huge promotions. However, though there is a chance to make money by Adsense since it is not a commercial sale the investment will be higher than the revenue they get.

However keeping the money factors aside, as the promotions will be high the heroes are showing more interest in opting google ads. The google ads will get displayed based on the user location. The new hero who is fascinated by this and making use of google ads is Nagarjuna and his team. They are promoting their upcoming movie Yuddham Saranam on a large scale. Though the trend is new, the audience also liked this.