Tollywood Heroes Are Too Shy To Hug!


Allu-arjun-Pooja-HegdeMost of the Telugu filmmakers depend on the audio function for promoting their film.  Everybody will attend the audio function.. they will talk about the film.. they will talk about their colleagues.  If the movie turns out to be a hit.. they will not turn up for the promotions again.  Even if they attend promotions they will just come for the sake of attendance.

Promoting a film is equally important apart from working on it.  Tollywood heroes should take a cue from their Bollywood counterparts in this aspect.  Hero, heroines attend promotions as if they are like good friends in Bollywood.  Bollywood hero, heroines hug with each other and pose for the cameras.  But the situation is different here.  Hero, heroine feel shy even to stand side by side.

Pooja Hegde was so casual in the promotions of ‘DJ’ that she kept her hand on Bunny’s waist.. but Bunny was feeling shy.   When ‘DJ’ team went to Bangalore for promotions.. Pooja stood close to Bunny.. but our Stylish Star was not that comfortable.  When will our heroes will behave casually?  We all have a wrong opinion that hug is a bad thing. Many don’t treat it as a cordial gesture.  They might be scared of the media.. because the ‘hug’ might be blown out of propotion!  Whatever be the case, some people opine that Tollywood heroes are too shy in the public appearances.