Tollywood No More Worried About Baahubali


Baahubali-2-Movie-CollectionsWhen ‘Baahubali’ became a worldwide success, Telugu film fraternity was over the moon with pride and happiness. Along also came a sense of pressure to live up to the high standards set by the epic VFX extravaganza. Well, going by the happenings in last month, Baahubali’s effect on industry is more on positive side.

Post Baahubali’s phenomenon, a surge in the openings of even small films was observed. All the post-Baahubali notable releases such as Radha, Keshava, Ra Randoi, Andhhagadu etc. opened to the best numbers in the respective actor’s careers. This is a clear indication that audiences are not expecting Baahubali kind of experience form every film but they are coming to theatres considering only that film’s merits. So, no Baahubali pressure on new releases.

Coming to the biggies, the market has increased by at least 20 crores. Before Baahubali, 80 crore used to look like a benchmark to score industry hit in Tollywood but even 100 crore looks easy for biggies now, this fact was was proved by Megastar’s Khaidi No.150. Even a poor film like Katramarayudu collected a share in excess of 60 crore, imagine the result if it had received positive response.

Going by the pre-release business of upcoming biggies like #PSPK25, SPYder, DJ etc. a 20+ crore jump is seen compared to the actors’ respective previous films. Moreover, after the success of Baahubali, Bollywood filmmakers and North audiences are keenly looking towards Tollywood biggies, which will help Telugu filmmakers to strike good dubbing and remake deals. Filmmakers like Karan Kohar Johar are reportedly eyeing upcoming biggies such as SPYder to release them in North.

Our heroes have also started setting up multi-lingual projects, Mahesh’s SPYder, Saaho, Ram Charan-Mani Ratnam and Bunny-Lingusamy projects fall into this category. If these films click, we can expect more and more multilinguals to come out from Tollywood. And, in the coming two years, the market of Telugu cinema may go up by another 20-30 crore.