Tollywood Welcomes Telugu Girls


Nandita-Reshma-Sri-DivyaTollywood, being the playground for many Mumbai-based models, has never been as welcoming of native Telugu speaking girls. More often than not, the leading ladies of tollywood are from the north. Chalk it up to fixation on ‘imports’ or genuine lack of talent in local girls, tollywood has only a few telugu female superstars.

But with two local girls- Nandita and Reshma, making it big with recent movies like “Neeku Naaku” and “Ee Rojullu”, tollywood seems to be heading into a newer phase.

Says actress Madhu Shalini, one of the few Telugu girls to have made it to success at the box office, these trends are emerging with changing times. Misconceptions about the showbiz and the film industry had prevented families and girls from coming to the forefront and taking acting as a profession. The talent was there, but the options were so few that choosing was difficult.

Film directors like Teja, who brought Nandita to the centre stage after a massive talent search, feel acknowledge the fact that the number of telugu girls applying for such auditions and talent searches have gone up manifolds, with many of them being promising. But without ‘connections’ in the industry, these girls have to work harder.

The industry also accepts that fact that there is a growing demand for local talent. With low budget films being very popular in the industry, many directors are experimenting with the idea. They feel that having Mumbai based models comes with a fancy price tag that hurts the budget of the film. Local girls, on the other hand, have a lot of talent and do not carry such fancy tags. They fit in perfectly with concept of low budget films. Many directors feel that tollywood will have many telugu female superstars very soon.