I Took A F***ing Crore From Tollywood -Taapsee


Taapsee-PannuAt the recently concluded India Today Conclave, popular heroine Taapsee Pannu who rose to fame with south films and slowly finding her foot in Bollywood has made some stringent comments on Telugu industry yet again. This time, her comments are filled with a sense of pride and financial success as well.

Talking about her slowing down in Telugu movies, she stated that the way they looked her down for the sake of a hero is what hurt her. “They have changed my intro part in a movie which I’ve come to know only during the shooting day. The director told me that hero asked him to change and tone down my part. When I asked him ‘Why was I’m not informed?’, he replied that ‘I actually didn’t think I should tell you’, and that hurt me. So I’ve decided to work in those films that could wait for me, give me respect, space and equal prominence” she said.

Adding more, “Recently I’ve done a Telugu movie Anando Brahma only because they have waited for me for one year. And also I’ve done it on a profit-sharing basis and walked away with a fu**ing one crore money as my share from this industry. I will do only those films that will wait for me and honour me”.

Earlier she stated that heroes will be called nothing even if the film flops, but heroines have to tone down their remuneration and also they stamp heroines as iron-legs.

No doubt, some of these comments are truly true but not always. In that case, how come the likes of Samantha and Rakul would become sought-after star heroines in Tollywood? It is wrong to call a heroine as an iron-leg, but asking them to tone down their remuneration for the sake of a project isn’t a faulty thing. There are many heroes who have cut down their remuneration during flops including Mahesh Babu, to reduce the burden on producers.