Top Actress Complains Against Brutal Rapes


Angelina-JolieHollywood Actress Angelina Jolie told the British Parliament that ISIS has been using sexual violence as an effective weapon to destroy families as communities. She opined rape is being used as the centrepoint of the terror’ by the militants in Iraq and Syria. “Its not sexual but a violent brutal terrorising weapon. Everyone need to understand this!,” she told.

Recently, Angelina Jolie who is also a Human-Rights Activist toured the ISIS-dominant territories few days ago. She informed the Parliament that while speaking with victims she came to know that girls as young as 7-Year-Old were brutally raped by the ISIS Militants.

Angelina Jolie has come to an opinion that ISIS is the most aggressive terrorist group in the World. She feels use of rape as a policy by Islamic State is something the World hasn’t seen before. She also appeals to bring the crimes against women in Iraq and Syria to an end.