Top Director Daughter Loving a Criminal


Director-Daughter-Loving-a-There are many reasons for top Kollywood director Cheran to cry for  his daughter Dhamini who is willing to marry boyfriend Chandrasekhar aka Chandru. As reported earlier, Chandru is not an assistant director to Cheran. Yesterday, Madras High Court ordered Dhamini to stay with former headmistress till the further proceedings.

Cheran’s fellow directors Ameer, Karu Palaniappan, Samuthirakani and Subramaniam Siva arranged a press meet yesterday and revealed the dark past of Chandru and his sister Padma Gowri. They even submitted enough evidences to prove that the characters of Chandru and his sister are dubious. Proofs clearly show that how Chandru’s sister was involved in many criminal activities and how she used to grab money from influential and wealthy people.

Chandru’ Sister Padma Gowri, hailing from Andhra region was working as group dancer in Chennai. At the age of 18, she established an illegal affair with business magnate Mohammed Elias (58) of Ramanathapuram. Later the entire family got converted to Islam and moved to Uthangudi, Madurai. Padma changed her name to Fathima on conversion, while Chandru took the name of Abdul. Gowri’s mother altered her name from Eswari to Nafisa Begum.

Padma also bore him two girls, Noorul Hidhaya and Noorul Subitha. During their secret life, Eliaz had gifted Padma, 200 sovereign of gold, 1 Petrol bunk, 1 house in Vijayawada worth Rs 25 Lakh and several lakh of rupees in the form of bank deposites. Elias’s first family and the locals are aware of the extra marital relationship, only when Padma filed a case seeking half the share property. Following this, the Ramanathapuram – Uchipuli Jamaat warned the family to move out of Manamadurai, as the marriage was not legally registered with Jamaat.

Elias’s first wife Sahar-un-nisa Begum had filed a complaint of Passport Fraud against Padma in 2008, alleging that Padma obtained a passport, impersonating Sahar-un-nisa Begum’s parent’s names as her parents.

Coming to Chandru aka Abdul, he made a girl from wealthy family in Manamadurai fall in his love trap and tried extortion from the family. Infuriated by his acts, the Muslim Jamaat located in Manamadurai Kannar Street strictly warned Chandru’s family. Later Padma aka Fathima and Chandru aka Abdul had tendered unconditional apology in written form to Jamaat and moved out to Chennai.

These are the reasons for Cheran weeping and asking the media to rescue his daughter from the criminal Chandru.