Top heroes salute SS Rajamouli: 12 quotes about SS Rajamouli!


Rajamouli-BaahubaliSS Rajamouli is the name of perfection and his hard work and passion makes him one of the best directors in Indian cinema. Every hero in Indian cinema wants to act under the direction of SS Rajamouli.

Top heroes salute SS Rajamouli and here are the quotes, they say about him….

Pawan Kalyan

When he did Magadheera, I congratulated him as a proud Telugaite and a proud Indian.


Charan ane Shilapanni Chekkindi mana Amara shilpi Jakkana Rajamouli. Thanaki Unna talent motthanni e okka cinemalo chupinchadu mana Rajamouli.


Rajamouli is going to be No 1 in India. If I get opportunity I will definitely work in his picture.

Amitabh Bachchan

We normally see this kind of structure and this kind of action or whatever the framework is in some of the more progressive Hollywood films but to have to see this here in India is amazing. I should have been in this project.

Karan Johar

We cannot make movies like Baahubali here in Bollywood because, we do not have Rajamouli.

Abhishek Bachchan

I am really looking forward to Rajamouli’s new film Baahubali. Its very huge and looks very exciting.

Aamir Khan

He is a very talented person. I would work with him, if I get a chance

Ajay Devgan

Just because of the quality of film we decided to dub it as Makkhi. The pace and the way he has made it is just mind blowing.


The only mistake I have done is, I missed an opportunity to work with Rajamouli sir.


Among the current star directors, Rajamouli garu is the only one who is breaking boundaries. Be it Maryadha Ramanna or Eega he can handle any kind of film. That’s what you call a director.


I became fan of Rajamouli after watching Magadheera. I turned to be his biggest fan after watching Eega.

Ranveer Singh

In south, I want to work with Rajamouli sir.