Top Producer’s False Prestige!


Generally, Ticket Prices of Star-Studded Films would be hiked in the first few days to make the most out of the craze. This is one of the reasons why most biggies receive good openings irrespective of reviews and word-of-mouth.

Ticket Price of a Biggie which released recently went up to Rs 200 even in B and C Centres. This development led to a drop in footfalls as poor people can afford such a high pricing. Nevertheless, High Ticket Pricing compensated the fall of count and made everyone believe the film was received so well.

If the buzz in the film circles is true, A Member from the Production Team has asked Distributors not to reveal the actual figures but increase the revenue by close to 15 percent while reporting. Such requests generally come from the Fans Associations. Seems like, The Producer took the success as a matter of prestige as his last flick bombed at the Box Office. Why don’t this Maker realize that very few people are concerned about the collections of a movie? For majority of the movie buffs, Whether or not the content is watchable matters the most. Any Producer needn’t have the necessity to inflate the collections when the film hits the bull’s eye.

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