Trend: Frontal ‘Mid-Riff’ Exposing


actress-mid-exposingWhen gorgeous heroines like Ileana and Sonam Kapoor have done the same during red carpet walks in Bollywood, our folks are stunned. Earlier, leaving the whole back to the air was a trend among hot beauties but now the trend has shifted its tectonic plates. Rather the back, heroines make sure that their cleavage gets full open and the frontal mid-riff gets fantastic exposure.

The other day at Filmfare awards, svelte hotties Praneetha and Shruti Haasan are best at giving that frontal mid-riff show. As Praneetha walked the red carpet, that translucent dressing on the front side of her dress made everyone’s eyes run through the space between that bosom. Later Shruti stole the whole show as her frontal mid-riff exposure crossed all the limits. She has even allowed a peek through the curvy edges of her tempting assets. Even the simple and not-so fashion eyeing girl like Kajal has opted for a dress that has a plunging neckline on the front side, though it didn’t ran for the whole length.

All this is an indication that even South is getting opened to such frontal mid-riff shows. Don’t panic if in the coming days our hotties pose in two piece bikinis or lingerie for leading south film magazines. That’s the only thing our hotties don’t do regularly.