Trend: Political Touch To Film Collections


srimanthudu-baahubaliListening to a film’s dialogue on a radio and then rushing to theatres is a thing of 70s. After so much revolution in the communication world, people are now-a-days reading tweets of biggies and then making a beeline at theatres. Though this impact is still not that bigger, here comes the political support to big films which is literally dictating terms directly when it comes to influencing a movie viewer.

If Prime Minister is meeting Baahubali, then definitely almost all the political buffs who never throng to cinema theatres have taken special interest of this film. None other than Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh spoke about the same film. And then we have Telangana Ministers recently sharing their thoughts about Srimanthudu movie. As these high profile politicians itself are talking about films, common people who generally have fewer inclination towards films are also giving amazing attention to movies, thereby helping the collections multiply many times.

Another side of this trend is that, making politicians speak about movies is a daunting task. Probably for Baahubali and Srimanthudu, the star heroes and distributors involved in the project are affiliated to certain political outfits, so they could have easily organised a screening for them. However, not all big heroes could pull such political support and get a nitro-boost to their film collections.

To finish off, even if political mileage is given, only if a film’s content is extra ordinary it will speak volumes. For Baahubali and Srimanthudu that paid off, while political touch has become an icing on the cake.