Trisha and Rana, an interesting story!


Trisha-and-RanaThere were many rumours that Rana and Trisha were seeing each other and both broke up after few years of relationship. Trisha even decided to marry her friend to get over the break up and she broke off the engagement too with several differences.

It’s quite normal to expect a broken up pair to not talk to each other wherever they meet and there are many examples like Priyanka and Shahid, Ranbir and Katrina who awkwardly promoted their films after their break up. Ranbir and Katrina are visibly unhappy to be in each other’s company as well.

But Trisha and Rana, seemed to have buried all the past under the hatchet and have decided to remain friends. At SIIMA, they both met each other like long last friends and sat beside each other without any awkwardness. Well, they seem to have matured from their early disappointment.