Trisha-Rana, What’s This Psyyy?


Trisha-RanaDusky siren Trisha and hunk hero Rana Daggubati started following each other on twitter sometime back. They unfollowed, she got engaged, she broke-up, and they started following again. If that is one side, the bright starry side is that the way they are flashing some code words on the pubic domain.

The other day when Trisha shared Nayaki first look, Rana is quick to appreciate it, for which our heroine replied, ‘Thank You Psyyy’. In popular culture, ‘PSY’ is an acronym for ‘Please Stop Yelling’ and that’s not going to sound correct in this case. Because the camaraderie with which those tweets are exchanged makes a point that there is no such animosity. So what’s this ‘Psyyy’ mean? Heroine Charmi, a good friend of Trisha, asked the dusky siren to send a message on WhatsApp about the same thing.

If we dig a deeper, Trisha started calling Rana as ‘Psycho’ post he reunion with him after she called off that engagement with Varun Manian. Probably it’s a term being used out of love and our actress has cut short it to ‘Psyyy’. That’s okay, but what’s this psyyy doing in her life is the question. Are they back to a couple yet again?