Trisha Reacts on New Relationship!


Trisha-New-RelationshipFor a heroine like Trisha breaking the engagement, this is the news of prolific importance and everyone walks up to throw a free suggestion. What we think and what we speculate is different from how Trisha reacts to broken engagement with Varun.

‘This is purely personal. It would be unfair for me to speak anything about this break up because the issue involves lot of people. Anyways, I know that people think I am being very quiet and politically correct about it all. Obviously, people around us tend to ask questions. What I can say is, I particularly know why I made some choices. They worked for me and for my family.

After this relation, I am ready to fall in love like every girl. Eventually I would also like to get married but definitely not the for the sake of society. I don’t believe that there is a particular age and time when marriage should happen. I would love to do it when I meet a right person of my choice,’ Trisha answered.