Trisha about her relationship with Rana


trisha-rana-photosRecently, there was a news that the long time relationship between Rana Daggubati and Trisha was ended.

“When I have not admitted to being in a relationship with someone, and if people say I am out of it, why should I comment on it now? It was insignificant at that time, and even more insignificant now to talk about it. It is as simple as that”, says Trisha to a popular daily when asked to respond on the buzz.

About the rumours on her engagement, she once again said that there is no reason for her to get secretly engaged. “No, I am not engaged. There is no reason for me to hide it. I cannot get engaged all of a sudden. I have a responsibility to inform my producers and to the people I work with. And most importantly, there is no need for me to secretly get engaged. There is nothing secretive about it. Engagement is a happy occasion and no girl will hide it if she is engaged. So, why will I?”, Trisha is quoted as saying.

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