Trisha reveals secrets about her break up


Trisha-VarunIt is known that beautiful actress Trisha Krishna had called off her engagement with Varun Manian. Now, she has revealed some secrets about her break up and her personal life.

The actress is now on a signing spree and has no time to think about her past. She opened up about her life after the break-up, her belief in the institution of marriage now.

She said that she is very positive person and she will take wise decisions in  her life with both her heart and her mind. When quizzed about rumors, she said that she will not bother about rumors and her mother is important for her.

Trisha said “I don’t bother about rumors. For me, the only important person in my life is my mother, and I am not answerable to anyone else. Also, it is obvious that people may get confused and assume things, when one day you are engaged and the next day you are not. I can tell a lot of things about the break-up and it’s not that I don’t want to talk about it. But a lot of people are involved in it, and I don’t want to drag anyone’s name into this issue as it will become too personal. I am extremely happy today, and I don’t want to dwell on the past”.