Trisha’s daring attempt


trishaParts of conservative Indian society still considers that once a woman loses her husband, either due to death or due to a divorce, she should not remarry. Also society looks that woman as if she is a sex-maniac, and  links her to many wild accusations. But this should change.

Recently an advertisement of ‘Tanishq Wedding Jewellery’ is going viral on internet for its concept of re-marriage. Actually the ad starts with a dusky bride getting ready for her marriage and a young girl starts following her. It is revealed in the Kalyan mandap that this girl is actually her daughter, and the woman is getting married for second time to a new guy. When the girl wishes to walk around the fire where her mother is walking with the bride-groom, mother actually asks her to keep quiet. But the bridegroom takes her new wife’s daughter into his fold and then starts doing the rounds. In fact the advertisement signifies re-marriage, and this has blown the trumpet for some conservative folks.

Calling the advertisement as a daring attempt that really breaks stereotypes, many celebrities appreciated it for breaking age-old social norms. Popular heroine Trisha stated that this ad will be a wake-up call for certain people still living in Stone Age ideas, and supported the concept of second marriage that way.