Trisha’s ex fiance stabbed


Trisha-ex-fiance-stabbedIn a shocking incident, Chennai based industrialist Varun Manian was stabbed at his office building. Police have arrested two persons in connection with the crime. It is coming out that two persons attacked Varun Manian with a screw driver inside a lift at his office premises and stabbed him at 4 PM.

Varun’s advocate N.Purushottaman informed that the incident happened at around 4 PM when Varun entered the lift to reach his office. As the door was about to close, two persons barged into it and picked up an argument after which the two attacked and stabbed him with a screwdriver.

While trying to save himself, Varun sustained injuries. Varun was engaged to Chennai beauty Trisha few months back before their engagement got cancelled. Varun is all set to enter into wedlock with the politician KP.Kandasamy’s grand daughter Kanikha Kumaran.

Police arrested workers Balamurugan and Muthukumar who picked up fight with Varun Manian and detained them in Saidapet police station.