Trivikram Might Take You For a Ride This Thursday


‘Agnyaathavasi’ disappointment is so high that people are terribly upset with Trivikram. But that doesn’t mean they have ruled him out. When it comes to delivering entertainment for the whole family in theatre, still he’s the most sought-after one. That’s the reason some section of audiences is waiting for this Thursday.

Despite carrying a low buzz, Nitin’s latest film directed by Krishna Chaitanya of Rowdy Fellow fame, “Chal Mohan Ranga” is having some high expectations. While some may say that Rangasthalam effect will be high in this movie, many feel that a small film with stunning content always succeeds by the side of a big blockbuster. Like the way, Sekhar Kammula’s ‘Anand’ succeeded alongside Megastar’s Shankardada MBBS despite releasing on the same day and Chiru’s film becoming a blockbuster, even #CMR has fair chances.

Many believe that the story provided by Trivikram for this film is a typical love story and the wizard-of-words is known for excelling in that genre. That’s the reason they believe once again some “A..Aa” like magic or a “Nuvvu Naaku Nachhav” like fun will be generated at the box office, titillating audiences and giving them 100% satisfaction.

With the peppy tunes scored by Thaman already catching up attention, definitely #CMR will have its set of audiences waiting for and if the Day One talk is super positive then Nitin and Trivikram will come out with flying colours. Chal Mohan Ranga is releasing this Thursday i.e. April 5th at Telugu box office.