Trivikram Opt Young Heroes for Next Project


Irrespective of our opinions, success and failure will impact us in a big way. When it comes to the film industry, the impact will be much more because the success percentage is less than 10. Star director Trivikram Srinivas appears to have disturbed by the disastrous result of ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. He has reportedly changed his focus on to the mid-range heroes.

Trivikram had a commitment to work with Jr. NTR long time back so he started working on ‘Aravinda Sametha’. Otherwise, Trivikram is planning to do more films with the mid-range heroes because he can choose a good story rather than changing the story to suit star hero’s image. It is known that Trivikram worked with ‘Nithiin’ for ‘A Aa’ and the movie was a big hit. Trivikram is going to ream up with Nani after the completion of ‘Aravinda Sametha’.

We can say that it is a welcome move from Guruji because he can focus more on the story rather than the image of the star. Moreover, there are several talented heroes in the mid-range and they will get the opportunity to work with Trivikram.